American Rapper, Meek Mill Robbed In Ghana

The American rapper Meek Mill has admitted that pickpockets in Accra, Ghana, where he performed at the Afro Nation festival on Thursday, took his phone from him.

He requested that anyone who has the phone return it to him after posting a request on Instagram.
Bring that jawn back if you got it! “They pickpocketed me for my phone SMH,” the victim said.

According to reports, Meek Mill showed up after it was too late and had a brief 12-minute performance at the Afro Nation festival. According to numerous sources, the response was favorable.

Meek Mill visited Ghana after learning he is 18% Ghanaian thanks to

The rapper from Philadelphia shared his DNA findings on his Instagram Story on December 28. He highlighted the 18% of his DNA that was identified as “Ivory Coast & Ghana” and said, “My second home!!!”

Soon later, recordings showed Meek traveling to the West African nation with his crew and go-to four-wheeler at 3 am and staying there until 7:00 am.

He captioned “Young Kings” on Instagram. “I arrived at the club at 3 am and left at 7 am on twelve! They’ve been keeping us out of Africa, #ghanalit, huh? My arrival will be very, very, very different.

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