The 7 MP’s Are Still NPP’s Strongest Candidates For 2024: Kelvin Taylor Is Still The NDC Journalist

I find it worrying but shameful for the few mischievous people within the New Patriotic Party, especially in Atwima Mponua who are comfortable, cheerful, and ignorantly sharing and glorifying the video of Kelvin Taylor who is a YouTuber seen insulting the constituents of some seven constituencies in Ashanti Region.

In a YouTube video, Kelvin Taylor who is a known National Democratic Congress (NDC ) sympathizer was vehemently campaigning against some NPP MPs in Ashanti Region. Hon Augustine Ntim, Hon. Sanid Adamu, Hon. Francis Adabor, Hon Johnson Adu, Hon. Alex Blankson and Hon. Isaac Kwame Asiamah was one of the seven Members of Parliament of the New Patriotic Party he lambasted and incited their constituents to replace them with NDC candidates in the 2024 elections.

Since I am not surprised by Kelvin’s actions because he is known for insulting and running down anything NPP, I am scandalized that some people within the NPP are ignorantly finding joy in glorifying his works because of their parochial interests; mostly by those whose godfathers and mothers have intentions to contest in the parliamentary primaries against the incumbents. They are doing so without considering the consequences of their actions to the NPP at large. Any true NPP person should never glorify the works of Kelvin Taylor.

I find solace in the saying, “Evil does not exist within a gun. It exists in the minds and hearts of those who pull the trigger for evil purposes”. As an NPP member, if you would team up with Kelvin Taylor to destroy the NPP just for your gain, then it is tantamount to evil.

After seriously analyzing the video of this uncouth and uncivilized self-styled stringer in the video, it can be deduced that the YouTuber had a calculated agenda against the NPP in Ashanti Region, and can be seen from the following analysis;

1. there are several constituencies which are strongholds of the NDC in other regions that the NPP came so close in the 2020 elections. For instance; the Suaman Constituency in Western North was won by the NDC candidate, Joseph Betino with only 414 votes difference. Hon. Mahama Ayariga won with only 2324 votes difference in Bawku Central. Even the Cape Coast South seat in Central Region saw the NDC winning with only 1404 votes margin. Why do you think Kelvin Taylor who lives outside this country and hardly knows what’s happening in these constituencies will pick these seven constituencies belonging to the NPP in Ashanti Region when there are similar vote margins that his party won with in other regions including Upper East Region which happens to be one of the strongholds of the NDC?

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2. most of the seven constituencies he picked are constituencies that have gotten less than five thousand (5000) vote margin not only in the 2020 elections but also in previous election years even though it’s an undeniable fact that the NPP had a reduction of votes in many constituencies in 2020 elections and not only in those seven constituencies. Hon. Augustine Ntim’s Offinso North Constituency for instance has been appreciating in votes margin. The 2020 votes margin Kelvin used in his propaganda was even one of the best results the NPP has gotten over the years in that constituency. In the 2012 elections, the NPP won that seat with the same candidate with only 607 votes difference. In the 2012 elections, the NDC won the Ahafo Ano North seat with 18841 votes against NPP with 18481 votes making it just 423 votes margin. The NPP snatched it in the 2016 elections with less than 5000 votes margin just like in the 2020 contest. Hon. Francis Adabor has been winning the Ahafo Ano South East parliamentary seat with less than 5000 votes even in 2016 when the NPP had a good margin of votes in many constituencies. He won with only a 2558 votes margin. So clearly, although these are NPP seats, it’s not a hidden secret that the NDC has given the NPP tough times in these constituencies over the past years.

3. the NPP won with less margin of votes in most of these seven constituencies not because the candidates presented had poor performance but because several other factors such as vile propaganda and Galamsey activities contributed. Once I stay in Atwima Mponua, let me confidently speak to Mponua for instance. Hon. Isaac Kwame Asiamah’s constituency is one of the largest constituencies in Ghana. It has over five hundred (500) communities with 90% of these communities being deprived. Since 2004 when he left the NPP Headquarters as a Youth and Policy Analyst to contest in Atwima Mponua, he has tremendously done a lot for the good people of Atwima Mponua. Today, a lot of the youth are having tertiary education because of his educational financial support initiative for brilliant but needy students. The NDC Parliamentary candidate who was once a District Chief Executive is one of the many that has benefited from this kind of initiative of Hon Asiamah. Eighty-Seven percent (87%) of the villages within the constituency have benefited from rural electrification as compared to the days before his coming to being an MP. His vociferous but brilliant contributions to debates and advocacies on the floor of parliament got him 400 boreholes of portable drinking water for some communities in Atwima Mponua. He is also building ultra-modern merchandised boreholes in some communities such as Betinko, Donkoto, Botrampa, Pakyi, Aniamoa, and a host of others. This year alone, he lobbied for the construction and completion of appreciable kilometers of roads in Atwima Mponua. The Amangoase to Ntobroso road is one of the many examples. The beaming smiles on the faces of family members he helps to secure jobs for them each year are always heartwarming when they are coming to show appreciation. This is the good man the NDC journalist wants the people of Atwima Mponua to vote against for their NDC candidate who can’t point to any meaningful impact he made as a District Chief Executive from 2013 to 2016.

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I know you are itching to know why Hon. Asiamah still got less than a 5000 votes margin in the 2020 elections with all the above achievements. Because of the deprived nature of Atwima Mponua communities, most of the indigenes who are members of the NPP are seeking greener pastures in the cities like Kumasi and Accra. There was an NPP member who was dissatisfied after the 2020 NPP parliamentary primaries who joined the general election race as an Independent Candidate. Mr. Agyarko-Poku James swept over 3000 votes who ideally were likely to vote for the NPP candidate. Some NPP members including the constituency treasurer were suspended from campaigning for this independent candidate because his candidate for the parliamentary primaries did not qualify for the vetting. This disqualified parliamentary primary aspirant even financed the Independent Candidate’s campaign to the extent of giving his car to him for campaign rounds. All these were done just to make the preferred Hon. Asiamah is unpopular so he can leverage on for future parliamentary primaries. It is worth noting that, the supporters of this same candidate are the people glorifying the works of Kelvin Taylor.

As we may know, Atwima Mponua was one of the constituencies that vigorously fought against the activities of Galamsey before the 2020 elections. Many of the constituents who benefit from these dreadful activities voted against the NPP for fighting it.

Therefore, if a so-called journalist who has been induced by the NDC sits behind his microphone in America to tell you lies and insult your intelligence for voting for your hardworking MPs, I wonder why this isn’t seen as ocular propaganda and mere hatred for the NPP. Falling for the snares of this rented self-styled journalist is a political seppeku and the damage will be irreparable.

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Written by;
Emmanuel Domfeh
Ntobroso, Atwima Mponua




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