NDC To Elect Flagbearer On May 6th

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has set Saturday, May 6 as the date for their presidential primaries.

The day was specified in a schedule that was put forth during a Functional Executive Committee (FEC) meeting on January 5.

The opposition party will accept nominations next month from Monday, February 22 through Wednesday, February 24, by the suggested schedule. The deadline for submitting applications for interested candidates is March 22 on a Wednesday.

In a statement released before the 10th National Delegates Congress at the Accra Sports Stadium, the council warned, “Council wishes to remind all contestants that acting contrary to laid down norms and regulations will incur severe punishments, including disqualification of any contestant.”

The forms will cost GH30,000, while the filing fee is set at GH500,000. Candidates will be evaluated from March 27 to the 29th, after which the results will be released.

Before the primaries are held, contestants with grievances have until Thursday, April 6 to appeal any judgments made by the vetting committee.
All candidates for flagbearers have been advised by the National Executive Committee (NEC) to avoid using derogatory language and false charges in their campaigns.

The Council of Elders was extremely concerned when the party’s national executive elections in December devolved into a slander campaign.

All candidates are reminded that the party is paramount and that no candidate, delegate, or party member will sacrifice this for their interests.

Former Kumasi mayor Kojo Bonsu and former Finance Minister and Central Bank Governor Dr. Kwabena Duffuor have already announced their intentions to run, while John Dramani Mahama, who has been the party’s go-to candidate for the past three elections.

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