Mortgage Providers In Ghana

The following is a list of Ghanaian mortgage companies.
You can use a mortgage calculator provided by some of these lenders to get an idea of the monthly payment for the mortgage you want.

First National Bank
Following the acquisition of GHL Bank, First National Bank (FNB) is now the main source of mortgage lending in Ghana. The bank’s main focus is on home lending. According to a survey by Housing Finance Africa, First National Bank is the main player and market leader in the sector, with around 50% of the market share.

Republic Bank
As the Home Finance Company, Republic Bank initially launched its activities in December 1991. After being acquired by Republic Holdings, the business only recently changed its name to Republic Bank.

The CalBank Mortgage, often known as CAL Mortgage, is a home financing service provided by CalBank. It is a retail product created to satisfy customers’ mortgage demands. Loans are available for qualified clients to use to buy the properties of their choice.

Stanbic Bank
For clients who want to purchase or construct their dream home and repay their loan over an extended period, Stanbic Bank offers a personal mortgage. The mortgage products offered by Stanbic are referred to as Stanbic Home Loans together.
There is no maximum loan term for facilities offered by the Stanbic Home Loan; loan terms typically range from 5 to 20 years. Your upper limit will vary based on your income.

Fidelity Bank
Homegrown financial company Fidelity Bank provides a variety of financial services, such as mortgages, personal banking, and investment banking. The bank provides mortgage products that are comparable to those provided by other institutions nationwide. You must have been a customer of Fidelity Bank for three months to be eligible for a mortgage facility.
The minimum loan you can take is $20,000 (or its cedi equivalent) and the maximum is GH¢400,000.

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Société Générale Ghana
The nation’s most distinctive mortgage provider is Société Générale (SG). In contrast to what is typically associated with mortgages, SG offers a program that involves securing the property. Instead, SG concentrates on interior design and furniture.

Omni Bank
The foundation of OmniBank’s mortgage product, OmniHome, is the idea that many families find it difficult to repay their mortgage loans in full, either because they are excessively expensive or because they are priced in foreign currencies. The Home Ownership Made Simple (HOME) loan from OmniBank is intended to address these issues.




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