National Cathedral: Ablakwa Exposes Rev. Kusi Boateng

Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, Member of Parliament for North Tongu Constituency, has submitted “unimpeachable” and “incontrovertible” evidence against Reverend Victor Kusi Boateng, Secretary to the Board of Trustees of the National Cathedral of Ghana.

Rev. Kusi Boateng is the third “mystery” director of JNS Talent Cantre Limited, a firm he previously accused of obtaining GH2.6 million in unlawful currency transfers from the Secretariat, according to the legislator, who promised to reveal this exposé on TV3’s The Keypoints over the weekend.

“Unimpeachable and incontrovertible proof proves that Mr. Kwabena Adu Gyamfi is the famed Rev. Victor Kusi Boateng, who continues to serve on the National Cathedral Board as an Executive Council Member/Director,” the National Democratic Congress (NDC) MP said.

As a result, the congressman is urging that Rev. Kusi Boateng quit the National Cathedral Board of Directors immediately.

“To minimize confusion, there is no distinct Kwabena Adu Gyamfi. Rev. Victor Kusi-criminal Boateng’s creation is Kwabena Adu Gyamfi. As a result, the two are interchangeable.

Mr. Okudzeto Ablakwa also wants the state to compel the National Cathedral’s Secretary to the Board of Trustees to repay all taxpayer cash allegedly routed to JNS.

“Rev. Victor Kusi-Boateng AKA Kwabena Adu Gyamfi believed he had outwitted every Ghanaian, especially our authorities, whom he dribbled for many years; but the day of reckoning has finally arrived.”

Credit: 3news

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