A 28-Day Manager – 28 Golden Nuggets Of Wisdom

1. A manager is a worker too, get that.
2. A manager’s work knows no off-day
3. The manager’s remuneration or any agreed conditions of service must be honored more especially when he or she is not the founder and the employer of the business.
4. A manager can collapse a business at any given time.
5. A manager is not a super person, stress is real
6. Workers or employees must be treated with respect.
7. A worker treated well is like a serviced machine, the efficiency level is automatically up.
8. Communication must flow and must be done with extra care and accordingly.
9. Whether you are a manager or any way you are called, do the work as your work, it helps.
10. Time remains something you can not take back if misused and no amount of overtime can equalize it.
11. Employees must be motivated once in a while unexpectedly.
12. General meetings are encouraged, at least a worker could come up with something beneficial.
13. If one employee is aggrieved, know that he or she is not alone. Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business. It’s as simple as that -Richard Branson
14. Work is work and pleasure is pleasure, don’t combine the two.
15. Show working, the words shouldn’t weigh the work down so much.
16. An off day is a must for workers.
17. Occupational hazards are inevitable and Safety measures must be adhered to.
18. Discouragement is real so is encouragement.
19. Some workers are naturally corrupt
20. Some workers become corrupt due to some unattended circumstances.
21. Corruption at the workplace can easily be curbed.
22. Target or goal-setting, whether long-term or short-term must be on the bucket list of any firm.
23. An unbelievable number of workers of any organization are looking for a different opportunity elsewhere
24. Not every employee is afraid to be laid off
25. Make the welfare of your employees dear to you. Loyal Employees are Assets – Not Liabilities!
26. Always be prepared for unforeseen circumstances
27. A family business where relatives have a keen interest must be handled with extra care
28. You can lose your job anytime.

By: Victor Owusu (Hon. Kwaku Citizen – HND, Executive Mini MBA – Leadership)

Source: www.priscyfavour.com