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Lifestyle - May 13, 2021

All My Troubles Started When My Wife Dreamt About Me Cheating

One morning, my wife woke up from sleep and asked me, “Are you trying to cheat on me?” I said, “What sort of question is that?” She asked again, “Have you ever thought of cheating on me?” I asked, “Are you alright?” She laughed and asked, “It’s only a question. Why are you being defensive?” I answered, “What’s the root of this question? Where is it coming from?” She said, “I had a dream. I saw you and a certain fair lady together. I didn’t like how the two of you were playing lovey-dovey around”
I said, “Are you serious? So, all these questions are coming to me because you saw me and another girl in your dream?” She said, “My dreams usually come true, that’s why I’m asking you all these questions. Anyway, I’ve prayed against it so it won’t happen but don’t try to cheat, or else, it might end in embarrassment for both of us.”

I acted like what she said didn’t matter but throughout the day I was thinking about it. A week before the dream, I met a girl. Immediately I saw her something kicked inside of me. She was so beautiful I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was fair and had a smile that looks like the lightning. I took her number that day and started talking to her every day. I gave her clues about my feelings towards her. She was receptive. She sounded like she was also interested in me. We spent all week talking and planning to meet. She sent me beautiful photos of herself and requested that I did the same.

So, when my wife talked about a certain fair lady she saw in her dream, she was the one that came to mind. I was already on my way to cheat and didn’t care about what my wife said. That evening I called the girl and we agreed to meet over the weekend. She asked, “Where would you take me to?” I said, “Just pick a place and I will take you there.” The next day, I called this girl and she didn’t pick. I sent her a message and she didn’t respond. The weekend came to pass, I didn’t hear from her so our date didn’t happen.

When she finally spoke to me, she said, “I’ve thought about what we were doing and I felt it wasn’t right. I wouldn’t be happy if another woman did that with my husband. That is why I don’t have to do it with another woman’s husband. I’m sorry but we don’t have to do this.” I tried all I could but this girl said no. The next day she blocked me on WhatsApp and also blacklisted my line. I was shocked by the sudden turn of events. I asked myself, “Or it’s my wife’s prayers that’s working?” I answered myself, “Apuu, what prayers? Who is she that God will answer her prayers this quickly?”

After that fair girl incident, I tried hanging around with some other ladies. At first, they were happy about the idea but immediately they spotted the ring on my finger, they all walked away. The ring became my enemy, driving all the beautiful women away from me. So I learned to take it off whenever I was in an environment where it was possible to meet beautiful women. “If they don’t see it, they won’ run away.”

One day a friend invited me to a pool party. That friend who invited me was married too but he hardly wore his ring. He said, “There would be a lot of daughters around so remember to do justice to your ring.” Immediately I got to the venue, I removed my ring and placed it in my wallet. The ladies started coming. They came in twos and threes, hotly dressed to kill. They were all beautiful. I said, “Where were these women when we were not married?” My friend answered, “It looks like a curse. You’ll never meet them when you are single but immediately you put a ring on your finger, you begin to see beauties everywhere. Even your ex that you threw away becomes beautiful in your eyes.”

I was in the pool swimming when this fair lady came in. She was swimming around the edges, looking scared and vulnerable. I said, “You don’t have to be afraid, you can’t drown.” She said, “I don’t have to be afraid? I’m afraid papa.” I swam towards her. I said, “Come let me show you how to do it.” She surrendered into my arms. Anytime I tried going to the deep side, I realized her grip on me had become tighter. I said, “Then the deep side it is.”

For the next thirty minutes, I tried teaching her everything I knew about swimming but fear won’t let her try it. She enjoyed lying in my arms as I rolled around with her. I liked her. She didn’t resist my touches while swimming. She was beautiful too so I decided to shoot my shot. We left the pool, sat in a chair next to the pool chatting. I asked about life and how she was living it. She was so happy to answer my questions. I asked, “You have a boyfriend?” She said, “No. The one I was with left me some months ago.” I said, “Who in his right senses would leave a woman as beautiful as you?” She said, “You men are like that. You only call us beautiful when we are not yours. Immediately we open up for you to enter, all our beauties fade in your eyes.”

I said, “Never in my life would I stop calling a woman like you beautiful.” The conversation was going fine. Her attitude was positive. I knew I only had to say the word and she would fall. She said, “I’m thirsty. Buy me a drink.” I asked, “What’s your favorite drink?” She said, “Get me anything non-alcoholic.”

I got up, walked to the bar, bought the drink, and paid for it.

I took the drink to her and she smiled. She said, “How did you know I like this drink?” I said, “Beautiful girls like you often take this drink.” She smiled again. I knew I was winning. We were at the table when I saw the girl I bought the drink from at the bar approaching us. I thought I had a change left that she was bringing to me. She got to our table, slammed her palm lightly on the table, and said, “This dropped from your wallet when you were paying for the drink.”

Our eyes went on the table at the same time trying to see what it was that dropped from my wallet. There it was, shining in all its glory—my wedding ring. The girl looked at my face. I said, “Naaa there is a mistake somewhere. This can’t be mine.” The girl held my left hand and started inspecting my ring finger. She said, “See the trace of a ring all over your finger. It’s not a crime to be married so why lie about it?” I said, “It’s not mine.” She said, “If it’s not yours then give it to me.” I looked at her face and said, “If you say it’s mine, it’s ok. No problem.”

She took the rest of the drink and said, “Thank you for the drink, Mr. Married man.” She left with laughter on her lips. She joined the other girls on the other side of the pool. I saw her pointing at me and telling them something. Soon they all burst out laughing.” I went to my friend who was also following the proceedings from afar. He started laughing at me. He said, “Yawa don happen abi?” I said, “I think I will go home.” We shook hands and I left with my tails in between my legs.

When I was going home, my wife’s words kept echoing in my head; “I’ve prayed against it so it won’t happen but don’t try to cheat, or else, it will end in embarrassment for both of us.” I asked, “Is that the embarrassment my wife was talking about or the worse is yet to come?” When I got home I asked her, “When was the last time you had a dream that came true?” She said, “I don’t remember but trust me, my dreams do come true sometimes.” I told her, “When you dream that I’m dead, please don’t forget to tell me.” She laughed and said, “God reveals to redeem.” She didn’t actually understand what I was saying but it was alright.
I’ve never looked at another woman twice since then. I’m in my lane, minding my own business. There’s a reason why they said we should keep to one woman. I don’t know that reason but I’m ok with what I have now. I don’t want another embarrassment.

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