Joseph Kusi Marfo affirm his intentions for NASPA


Joseph Kusi Marfo is a Service Person at the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly. He coupled as the National Service Personnel Association (NASPA) of Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly, Vice President and the Ashanti Regional NASPA Organizing Secretary.
After carefully and analytically accessing his strength and weaknesses has announced his intentions to serve as the next NASPA Organizing Secretary( 2021/2022) at the National level.

Profile of Joseph Kusi Marfo

Joseph Kusi Marfo comes from Antoa Adesina in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.
He had his Primary school Education at St. Peter’s R/C Primary and and continued his Junior High School there.
And continued with his second cycle Education at Aduman Senior High School.

Joseph had his first Tertiary Education Kumasi Technical University in the year 2005-2007

He futhured his education at the University of Education Winneba Kumasi Campus
And became the Deputy Events committee Head in the year 2016.

Fast forward Joseph was appointed the SRC Celebration Chairman and Vice Presidential Aspirant Uewk SRC.

Again, He was also the class rep for accounting in three consecutive academic years.

He also served as protocol and publicity chairman at triumphant baptist church in Kumasi

His commitment to achieving results and ensuring that work was always done with optimal perfection was what earned him an accolade back in school.

Indeed every ardent student who followed campus Politics can attest to the fact that His name was synonymous to Dedication, Generosity, Humility, Results oriented and unquestionable devotion to duty.

There’s this popular saying that goes like “little by little, a bird make it’s nest”. In this case I think Joseph Kusi Marfo built a house instead of a nest. Following his leadership experiences, one can attest to the fact that, he is competent. Not only competent, but also, he preaches the gospel of accountability, teamwork, hard-work, continuity and above all equal representation.

Joseph Kusi Marfo, therefore by this declaration humbly requesting for support of all service personnel and national delegates (Spiritually by ways of your prayers and physically) to become the next Organizing Secretary of NASPA at the National level.