The NPP Grassroot and Footsoldiers are not lazy


Unfortunately, our party faithfuls and footsoldiers are used for the elections and are ignored right after elections.

They do not get jobs after school and become confuse and frustrated.

It would have been nice for our big men and bosses in the party to create opportunities for the grassroot rather than saying such thing.

If the grassroot is lazy as suggested by some of the big men names withheld, they wouldn’t be able to do all the dirty jobs to enable the party to come to power. There’s an adage which says that “if you don’t do anything for your in-laws don’t steal the little that he or she has” besides, the Mantra, The grassroots are lazy is to give dog a bad name and later hang it.

It is time for the cry of the grassroot to be heard.
No grassroot member is lazy.

Give them the opportunity and when they fail, then you can accuse them of being lazy.

Let’s hear the cry of the grassroot and party footsoldiers.

Yirenkyi Tony (Prof)