Young Man in Wa Lashing Video Nearly Losing Eye

A young man and a lady were observed being flogged violently in turns at the Wa-palace Naa’s over a sex tape leak, and his right eye was severely injured.
Since the incident, the guy, Adnan (not his real name), claims he has been unable to keep his eye open for lengthy periods without agony.


He informed TV3  that the public whipping left him with multiple bruises in addition to the significant harm to his eye.

“Since the event, one of my brothers from the social welfare department has come here and taken me to the hospital for a general body check,” he explained.


A viral video shows a group of men publicly beating Adnan and a young lady, both of whom made a sex tape that went viral.

According to sources, the flogging was carried out on the orders of palace leadership as a result of a local law enacted to apparently deal with an increase in cases of obscenity and the dissemination of nude material by youth in the Wa municipality.